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Make Your Meals Exciting Again!

Some of the worlds most successful doctors have recommended a diet of the same meals everyday for optimal health. However, who can handle the same, boring, nutritious meal with nothing else to look forward to? Well, here is my tip. One thing that you can do to almost every meal: make-it-mini There are tons of […]

Inflammation Do’s and Don’ts

What exactly is inflammation?  Its actually the body’s attempt to protect itself by removing harmful stimuli (damaged cells), and begin the healing process.   The word inflammation comes from the latin “inflammo”  meaning ignite.  The body is built tough yet sensitive, so when something is irritating the body, there is a biological  response to try […]

“Hearty” Pasta for Meatless Mondays

It’s the first Monday of 2015, and we are sticking to our goals… right?!?! In this recipe, it’s hard to label which is is the “main” ingredient. All the ingredients compliment each other so well, and they are all plant based and loaded with nutrients! Here are some facts on a few of them: Tomatoes […]

Happy New Years!

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy, and esteemed 2015! We look forward to bring you only the best guidance this year.  From your friends and family at Esteemed Living!    

Lithium: How can you benefit from it?

Lithium is actually a natural element that is classified as a metal. This particular element is believed to be one of the first elements on Earth, and is said to have been around since the “Big Bang.” So what is this ancient element? And how can we benefit from a metal? Well, salt arises from […]

News Years Weight Resolutions

It seems like everyone wants to look and feel their best on New Year’s. However, keep in mind that it is not everyone’s resolution to loose a little weight. For some people, it can be just as difficult to keep pounds on, as to shed them off for someone else. However, as with the theory […]

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