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News Years Weight Resolutions

It seems like everyone wants to look and feel their best on New Year’s. However, keep in mind that it is not everyone’s resolution to loose a little weight. For some people, it can be just as difficult to keep pounds on, as to shed them off for someone else. However, as with the theory […]

Pie Season!

Pie’s usually bring the first thought of a whole event of cooking to create it. That’s why we buy pre-made pies, right? Because only the amazing’s have the time to learn to make homemade pie. Must be 100 ingredients right? Here I will turn you from zero to hero at this years Thanksgiving. Making a […]

Ricotta Replacement for the Holidays

Everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving knows it’s time to bring out your eating pants. Thanksgiving meals are never limited. It’s usually one stuffed thing after another, or a giant casserole platter, and endless snack and desserts. Supermarket cheese brands are hard to trust these days. Yes, animal dairy can supply you with high amounts of nutrients […]

Perfect Pie Crust to make your Holidays Easy

COUNTDOWN TO THANKSGIVING: 1 Don’t be feared by the recipes you read online for pie crusts that require days in advance prep work! The most important part of a pie is it’s filling. The crust is simply how the filling is delivered to you. You can use this same recipe for a variety of functions […]

Spreading Virus’s and What You Can Do About It

A few major cities in the U.S. has been consumed in horror as more cases of the deadly ebola virus are popping up. Here is a brief history; Ebola’s first recorded outbreak happened in 1976. It effected over 300 people, killing more than 50% of them. Ebola got its name after the Ebola River, the […]

Un-Carb your life before Thanksgiving.

This year at Esteemed Living, let’s make a challenge for ourselves. Let’s eliminate carbs starting November 1st, until Thanksgiving Day (November 24th). Why you ask? At esteemed living, we care about providing you with the most accurate nutritional information so you can be the best you! Some products and restaurants are hiding harmful ingredients behind […]

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