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How to Make Your Salad into a Dinner

Have we all been sticking to our New Year’s goals? Were officially a quarter into the year! Salad can be a love or hate scenario for many. Some people love salads, but often find themselves wanting more. Some hate salads and simply can’t figure out how to make them taste appealing. Well, the answer to […]

News Flash-Exercise is always important-At Any Age

  Exercise.  To some it may be a pleasant motivational word, and to some a dreading battle with one word in mind; Why?  It’s always important throughout your life, but as we get older, exercise gets put onto the high priority scale. Not only does it help boost energy and help manage symptoms of pain […]

Watching a Movie Can Help More Than You Think!

Agree to disagree, but watching movies could possible be everyone in the worlds favorite past-time. Broadway shows and plays are no match to the movie theatre, and especially no match to the convenience of high speed streaming like “Netflix”, or $1 movie rentals from “Redbox”. Quick, easy, and whole lota fun and entertainment. To my […]

Pasta & Sauce Pairing – Tailored to Your Needs

Even though the gluten-free train is sold out of tickets lately, unless you are part of the 1% of Americans with celiacs disease, or defiantly experience regular discomfit after eating things with gluten, then you don’t really need to fear it or join the craze. Only about 37% of Americans who cut out gluten for a […]

A moment with… TOFU!

Here’s the Deal with Tofu…. Tofu is actually bean curds made up of fermented soya. It is made fresh by curdling soy milk and pressing it into a firm block then cooled.  Similar to traditional cheese making, the liquid is removed and the curds are then tightly pressed, forming a cohesive bond. Tofu it super versatile with more […]

The Importance of Water and How Much to Really Drink

  The human body is up to 60% water and is at it optimal health when properly hydrated.  The more liquid the body lacks, the thicker the blood will become, and the harder it will be for your heart to pump regularly. Water is beyond essential to our life…. it is our life. Headaches and […]

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